It’s almost here, folks. A week from this Wednesday is the start of Charleston Restaurant Week! September 7-18. So far we have 85 restaurants on the site … but we’re not done yet! There are many more to come. If you don’t see your favorites, CALL THEM AND ASK THEM TO PARTICIPATE!


  1. OK, include me in the “dummy” category…but what does 3 for $20, 3 for $30, and 3 for $40 mean? Thanks for the reply 🙂

    • Man … you guys are too hard on yourselves 😉 There are no dumb questions!
      The promotion is Three Menu items for either $20, $30 or $40. For the most part, the pricing depends on the price point of the restaurant’s regular menu. So each participating restaurant will choose which pricing category best suits them.
      As for the three menu items, that’s up to the restaurant. Some may offer appetizer, dinner, dessert … while others offer a bottle of wine or adult beverages as one of the options. We encourage them to be creative.
      ALSO some of the restaurants will actually feed TWO people THREE items for the specified price.
      I know it takes some studying to pick from all the available restaurants and peruse their menus … but trust me, it will all be worth it!

      • Is there a list of those offering wine pairings for the fixed price? I have been searching the offers and it does get exhausting. Thanks!

        • Hi Sherry,
          We are sorry, but we are in the same boat as you. Its is up to the restaurants if they offer wine pairings or not with the menus. We would recommend calling the restaurants and asking. We did just get word that Lowcountry Bistro is offering a bottle of domestic beer or a glass of house wine included in the price. We also know that Tristan has a featured wine. The last one we know for sure having something is Cork Neighborhood Bistro is offering glass of House Wine, Bubbles or Draft Beer included in the price.

          Thank you,


  2. How flexible are the restaurants for those with dietary requirements? I’m diabetic, and I pass up the deals because I can’t do dessert. Any suggestions on which restaurants allow substitutions. The Fat Hen is the only one I’m aware of that is flexible in this regard.

    • I would think many of these restaurants would be flexible with you! best thing to do is pick the ones you’d like to visit and call to ask what kinds of substitutions can be made.

    • Yes , The Restaurants will take your Dietary Requirements seriously and I am with you with the Fat Hen they have many Gluten free dishes , And they are the only place in town that Have Gluten Free Crab cakes Yummy …. have fun dining out this week Everyone !!!!!:-)

  3. We go out every single night of Restaurant Week. It is both to show our support and to visit new places we might not get to otherwise. Thanks for coordinating this event.

    I’m making reservations now and noticed a few errors and omissions. The URL for Eurasia is wrong, it should be http://www.eurasiasc.com. You don’t have links to OpenTable for Lana, Fat Hen or Red Drum. I don’t know what else might be missing, those are the ones I booked on OpenTable.

    It would be nice if you could include the phone numbers for restaurants in case we have special requests. Finding them on websites can be a challenge and it would save us a step. 🙂

    • Hi Charles! Hey, thanks for the edits! We’ve corrected Eurasia, Lana and Fat Hen. Red Drum already has the Open Table link. Also phone numbers should be listed on all of the menus. Let us know if you see anything else. and hope you’re getting ready for a BIG RESTAURANT WEEK!

  4. Oh, I didn’t look at the menus because I like to be surprised when I get to the restaurants. I was hoping maybe it could be listed along with the restaurant name and other information.

    I did notice that Grill 225 is offering three courses for $45, not $40. I haven’t looked through all the offerings but it’s the only one I found doing that.

    Finally, did you know OpenTable has a special page for Restaurant Weeks? http://www.opentable.com/promo.aspx?pid=156 I couldn’t figure out what it would take to get Charleston’s listed there.

    • Hominy Grill is not participating. But you will not be disappointed … there are nearly 100 of our finest restaurants to choose from. COME HUNGRY!

  5. Are there any other places offering feeding 2 people three item deals besides Wild Wings? That was the only one I found so far.

    • Yes. Juanita Greenberg’s in Mt. Pleasant is feeding 2 people for $20 and Red’s Ice House (Shem Creek or Bohicket Marina) are feeding 2 people for $30.

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