Have You Made YOUR Reservations?

Have You Made YOUR Reservations?

Restaurant Week has STARTED! For chances to win gift certificates head over to Facebook at Charleston Food Festivals and Events or click here for a chance to win from Charleston Scene!

Charleston Restaurant Week is officially in session!  Have you made your reservations yet?  Make sure to call today before they fill up!  There are some restaurants participating this year that were not last year!  Check out all the menus for inspiration on where to go next.

7 Responses to Have You Made YOUR Reservations?

  1. Is this event for dinner only or is lunch also an option? I cannot find the answer to this in your promo materials. Thanks!

    • We would recommend you call the restaurant of your choice. Some restaurants offer their menu for both lunch and dinner but most only offer it for dinner.

  2. Had a problem last night! We reserved a table through this CRA website and received a “confirmed” response from the website. But, when we arrived at the reserved time, our name was not on this restaurant’s list! Not at all a good experience!!

    • Hi Karen!! Let us know the details. The restaurants on the site use a company called Open Table to make reservations and we like to keep them up to date on ANY and ALL problems that our customers have with the service!!! They are usually very quick to respond and fix errors.
      Unfortunately, that does not change the fact that you had a disappointing experience and we are so sorry! We hope you try us again!!!

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