Are you a Lowcountry VIP? Tickets on sale NOW for the Lowcountry Oyster Festival

VIP Tickets are on sale NOW for this Sunday’s Lowcountry Oyster Festival! Tickets are only on sale until Saturday night, but there are only a limited number of VIP tickets and they won’t last!


VIP tickets include free parking, parking shuttle, entry to Boone Hall Plantation with an “easy-access” entrance gate for VIP ticket holders only. There will be a VIP tent with complimentary food and beverages and the VIP pass comes with a voucher for a free bucket of oysters!


Of course VIP ticket holders can enjoy all the restaurants, children’s area, Budweiser-Build-a-Bar, Oyster eating and shucking contests and live music by Dead 27!


All ticket purchases benefit local charities. VIP tickets are $100 and children 10 and under can upgrade to VIP for just $10 with every adult VIP ticket purchase. The Lowcountry Oyster Festival is a fundraising event for local charities including The Ronald McDonald House, Hospitality Heroes, Hollings Cancer Center, Shriners Hospitals for Children and Charleston County Schools Science Materials Resource Center.

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    • The VIP tent is catered and provides beer/wine/soda/water all included while in the tent – anything outside the VIP tent would be additional purchases. VIP Ticket does NOT include VIP Parking. Thank you!

    • Swig & Swine BBQ will be catering the VIP tent – it will be BBQ, brisket, sides, etc. There will be Copa di Vino wine and 3-4 beers from Anheuser Busch & Goose Island available. Thank you!

  1. With the 100.00 VIP ticket. With my 14 year old daughter she would need that as well? Or a regular ticket plus the 10.00 upgrade. So if my husband and I but the VIP tickets, I see it includes a bucket of oysters. But we would still need to but the tickets for more oysters or does each VIP ticket get a bucket? So if I but two VIP and upgrade my daughters ticket, would that be three buckets for us?
    Also , would we still have to but tickets for beverages?
    I thank you for any insight and look forward to seeing you all.

    Carol Duckett

    • Yes, your 14 year old will need her own ticket. Each VIP ticket includes a voucher for a bucket of oysters and access to the VIP tent. So, if 3 VIP tickets are purchased, there will be 3 buckets of oysters included. Anything purchased outside the VIP tent would be additional purchases that would require food tickets. Thank you!

  2. How do I upgrade my daughters ticket. She is 10 years old and I bought her a general admission ticket, with 3 vip tickets. Do I upgrade at the gate.

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