6 Responses to Online Ticket Sales to end TOMORROW 1/26 at 6:00pm

  1. I cant get tickets on line, iI’m in charleston (AFB) and no one has them over this side of town. how do I get 2 tickets?

    • Hi Brad,
      Are you having trouble with the ticketing system online? If yes, please email our marketing company, Little Dog Agency at kaili@littledogagency.com they will be able to help out. Tickets are available at the gate the day-of the event for $15 as well if you are unable to get them online or get to any area Southcoast Community Bank, Mt. Pleasant Visitor’s Center, Downtown Visitor’s Center or Boone Hall Farms. Thank you!

  2. we have two carloads of people coming from myrtle beach and i would like to purchase my tickets in advance hoping not to spend as much time in line waiting to get in….however…i do not have a printer….if i try to purchase them later today, do i have to print something off in order to get them or can i pick them up when i get there? how exactly does this work? thanks….see u soon!

    • Hi Angela – sorry for teh delayed response. Hope you got your tickets worked out. If not you can buy them at the gate.

  3. I sat in traffic for two hours last year only to get to the gate and find out the event was out of oysters at 1 o’clock. I called the foundation and they promised to send me two tickets for this years event , which I never received, please advise on how I can proceed to receive those tickets. Phone number 843-200-8749 thank you Kasey Oliver

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