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  1. I have tried several times to buy tickets online and I can’t. I have tried several different web browsers (internet explorer, google, etc). Any advice? Is there a phone number I can call to purchase tickets?

  2. Usually tickets can also be purchased locally before the event. Are there any businesses in the Charleston area that are selling tickets in advance or are the only options to purchase, online & at the gate? Please advise. Thanks.

    • Ticket only includes admission into the event. You will then need to buy food and drink tickets once inside to purchase oysters, food from vendors, drinks, etc. Thank you!

    • Oyster Buckets are $10 and you will get about 3 dozen oysters. The $12 ticket (or $15 day of) into the festival is just for admission. Thank you!

    • Hi Katherine – Yes, if you enter from the Hwy 17 entrance, there will be a shuttle to take you through the grounds into the event. No charge. Honestly, this is the best way to go. easier in and easier out – plus you get a nice tour of the beautiful grounds!

  3. what is your take on strollers? do you think we should be fine bringing one or should we just plan on bringing a sling for our 6 month old? thanks for the help!

    • Hi Emily,
      To be totally honest there are a lot of people there and a stroller might be tough to get through the crowds, but I would go with whatever is easiest for you guys.

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