Oyster Festival Tickets On Sale NOW!!

Get your tickets NOW at any area Southcoast Community Banks! $12 in advance or $15 at the gate…don’t wait head to Southcoast Community Bank for your tickets!

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    • Hi Athea,
      The ticket price is just for admission. You will then have to buy food/beverage tickets once inside. This event is so much fun and excited that you will be attending!

  1. Hi! I’ve never been to an oyster fest and would love to attend this year. We are on a pretty tight budget and would love to know which restaurants will be participating and the menu list with prices.


  2. Can you give me some of the price ranges on top of the $12 ticket. How much and how do you get the oysters and drinks, other foods etc. Do you buy the oysters by the bucket and for how much etc. This will be our first time attending.

    • Once inside you will purchase food/drink tickets (how many is completely up to you). The CRA is working on the pricing right now and I will create another blog ASAP when I get those prices for you. We are so excited that you are coming to the event…you will absolutely love it!

  3. One more questions. Is there a price difference for kids and if so what age? I maybe bringing my grandkids ages 3 & 4.


    • No parking permits for the general public. If you park in the entrance off 17 by the pumpkin patch then you will ride a trolley to the back gate to enter the event.

  4. Considering joining this great event, but have never attended before.
    Understand the $12 advance admission cost.
    Can you give an estimate for beer and oyster bucket cost for this year?

    • Look for a new post in the next couple of days for all this information. We are finalize a few details about will let you know when they are complete.

  5. Understand that the cost of food is on top of the admission price, but I was trying to get a ballpark figure on the cost of oysters. Are they typical restaurant prices for a dozen oysters, or do the restaurant/vendors offer reduced prices at the event so we can really indulge.

  6. What times do gates open and close? Also,what is the best route coming in from Summerville way? Are there Oyster Festival T-Shirts other than the Taste of Charleston and if so can we order now?

    • The Oyster Festival will be from 10:30 -5:00pm. I would recommend coming 526 to 17. Once on 17 go past the Boone Hall and turn left into where the Pumpkin Patch is. That is where additional parking will be and then you will ride a trolley to the main gates. No Oyster Festival shirts on sale yet they are still being made, but they will be available for purchase that day and if there are any extras then we will post about it on Facebook and the website. Thank you.

  7. What is allowed to be brought into the festival this year? In previous years we were allowed to bring in tents, folding tables, chairs, etc. Last year it seems only chairs were allowed. Thanks.

    • Hi Tim,
      The oyster buckets will be $10/bucket, food ranges between $2-$6, beer: domestics will be $4 and specialty/imports will be $6.

  8. I had so much fun here last year, but this year I’m pregnant. From what I hear, as long as the oysters are fully cooked, I can still have them. Are the oysters served here considered fully cooked? I know they’re steamed (and delicious), but wasn’t sure how long/how much they were cooked, and if it was enough to kill the bacteria you have to worry about with raw oysters (not that I ever worry about that when I’m not pregnant!). Thanks!

    • Hi Jenny,
      The oysters are steamed by professional oyster cookers, but we recommend you consulting your doctor regarding this 🙂

    • Boone Hall Plantations is actually closed due to the Oyster Festival. The $12 admission only includes admission to the festival.

    • Hi Brian,
      They come from a few places…if we served all local oysters then no one in Charleston would ever have another oyster again for the year :).

  9. “Boone Hall Plantations is actually closed due to the Oyster Festival.”
    To clarify; no other areas, House, cabins, etc will be avaliable to walk? In the past $5 gained access to the house.

    • Boone Hall is closed on Sunday, January 29th to the public. If you are attending the Oyster Festival that day you may tour the home for an extra $5, but you must be attending the Oyster Festival.

  10. I really wish it would have been a little clearer on the advertisement page before purchasing tickets! I was under the impression that the cost of the tickets included the oysters! Had I know that it was for admission only I would have been more hesitant about buying tickets! I just wasted money for 5 tickets because I did not know th

    • Hi Jessica,

      We apologize for the inconvenience. We made sure to post on Facebook and on our blog that the $12 advance ticket price was for general admission only. But we do hope you enjoyed the festival. If you have any more questions or concerns please don’t hesitate in calling us at 843-856-9201.

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