Restaurant Week Begins This Week!

The week everyone has been waiting for is finally here!  Restaurant Week starts this week, Thursday, January 12th!  Reservations are filling up fast so don’t hesitate to call today.  Whether you’re going to one of your favorites or trying a new one, we want to hear about your experience!  Make sure to “Like” us on Facebook and share your thoughts.  Bon appetite!

2 Responses to Restaurant Week Begins This Week!

  1. Do you know if any of the participating restaurants are offering gluten free restaurant week options? I would love to be able to participate in restaurant week, but I am unsure of if there are any viable options for the GF crowd. Thanks so much for any info you can provide. 🙂

    • Hi Niki,
      Questions concerning the menus need to be addressed to the restaurant. Please feel free to contact any restaurant you’re looking to try.

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