Save the date for the 2012 Lowcountry Oyster Festival

With summer right around the corner, we know you’re already missing that mighty mollusks that consumes our thoughts during the winter months!

But before you know it will be time to get out your jackets, hats, scarves and boots so mark those calendars … the 29th Annual Lowcountry Oyster Festival is scheduled for January 29th, 2012!

Wow…feels very weird to write that date, but you know time will fly by! Stay tuned for more details!

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    • Hi Johnny! Yes … they can be slow at times. We’re working hard on helping these issues which is one reason for us going to a 2 day main event. Spread the crowd a bit. Come out this year and let us know what you think. Thanks for your support!

      • Hey! We’re planning on coming down for the Oyster festival. We thought it was just the 29th – is it a 2 day event now? Will oysters be happening on Saturday too?

        • Hi – unfortunately the Oyster Festival will still only be one day … the Taste of Charleston is the one that has expanded to 2 days. BUT come on down for oysters on 1/29. And if you’re feelin’ crazy, come for the Taste of Charleston too! Plenty of food for both! See ya soon

  1. Love the oyster festival,beer lines may be slow at times but with that many people you learn to live with it.The main thing is the friendly crowd and the great oysters.

  2. I have been to this event 3 times so far, and missed last year only due to a close friend’s death. I will be back this year with a dozen or so buddies from TENNESSEE! Can’t wait. I hope Dave Landeo is performing again! See you there! Totally worth the trek!

  3. This will be my first one, going to try to bring at least 4 of my friends with me. Sorry fellas but by me and my friends attending it won’t help out your beer lines. What are some decent places to stay around there that’s within a reasonable taxi ride away that won’t hurt the bank account too bad.

    • Ha! We’ll bring an extra beer truck for you guys, Dax! Go to our Location and Lodging Page ( – it has a huge list of Hotels. All of these are in Mt. Pleasant so none will be far from the event.

      You can also ask the hotels if they will provide a shuttle to the event. And keep an eye on our site as we’ll be adding “Park and Ride” shuttle information in the next couple weeks so you can see where our event shuttles will be picking up. See ya soon!

    • In the past buckets of oysters have been $10. But the price will be set based on current conditions and oyster supply & demand figures. As we get closer to the event we’ll release the price for the 2012 event. Stay tuned and thanks for the support!

    • Hi ken – unfortunately we cannot allow pets in the festivals. But put some oysters in your pockets and bring them home for laso 😉

    • Hi Jad! Restaurants and vendors must be members of the Charleston Restaurant Association. You can find out how to become a member on this website. thx

  4. Two years ago, it took two and a half hours to park. Really, 2.5. What’s being done to cut back on this if anything? I love love love going to the oyster festival but i was so furious last time, I swore not to return. But, it;s hard not to. If there;s something being done to alleviate the traffic flow, I would love to give it another try.

    • Hi Shay! We’ve been working really hard on the traffic/parking situation. This weekend’s Taste of Charleston was our first run with a bunch of new elements – extra road in, extra parking areas open, a new parking company – it was a HUGE success! By all accounts, traffic was very easy in and out – seems like 15 minutes was the wait time. We’ll put these things in place for the Oyster Festival as well so should be dramatically different. Come on back!

  5. Came from TN last year for first time. Definitely one of the best festivals I’ve ever been to! My advice is to arrive early and hungry.

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