1. We have two young girls in our group and at what age do they have to be for having a ticket? One is 6 and the other is 8.

    thank you,

    Richard Cutcher

  2. What does the price of the tickets include? This would be the first time we would be coming down for this.

    Thank you


    • The ticket price is just for admission into the event. The menu prices are as follows: Food/bev $2-$8, Wine $6, Beer $4-$6 (domestic/specialty), Soda/Water $2.
      Thank you for attending the event, we look forward to having you!

  3. since you only sell steamed oysters will there be vendors or other places to buy raw oysters on the half shell?? if you don’t know-how to shuck oysters will there be shuckers there to help??

    • No other oysters will be available for sale other then the steamed oysters. There will be other restaurants on site selling food, but as of right now do not know what they will be selling. I am sure there will be people there to ask for help about shucking oysters!

  4. We have 5 kids under the age of 10. Will we need to buy tickets for some of them, or will they all be admitted in with our two adult tickets?

  5. Hi,
    we’ve never been before…
    Can we bring backpack and water bottles?
    We need to bring own gloves, knife, napkins, sauce?
    If we get a taxi there do you think we could catch a cab back to hotel? or are we better off driving?

    • You are more then welcome to bring backpacks, but no water bottles. You are also more then welcome to bring your own knives and gloves (or you can buy on site), but napkins and sauce we will have on site. We would definitely recommend driving to the event, use the entrance off Highway 17 (into Boone Hall) and then take the Park n Ride to the event. We are excited to have you out for your first Oyster Festival!

  6. Thank you for answering my earlier question. Have one more – do we need to bring our own knives/gloves or will they be provided?

  7. Can you no longer buy tickets online? We forgot to do that early and don’t see where you can anymore? Tickets will still be sold at the gate right?

    • Hi! You can still buy tickets online!!! Go here

      Let us know if you need anything else. Look forward to seeing you next Sunday!

  8. Are there any local venues where we can purchase tickets in advance? In past years we were able to purchase at various locations in the Charleston area. I haven’t found anything about advance purchase tickets this year, except for the online link. Please advise. Thanks!

    • You can purchase tickets at any area Southcoast Community Banks, Mt. Pleasant Visitor’s Center, Downtown Visitor’s Center or Boone Hall Farms. Plus you can purchase tickets at the event the day of.

  9. Also, you say one free child for each paid adult, I have a three year old and a baby do I need to purchase two adult tickets?

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