We need your “tips” on how to do Restaurant Week RIGHT…win a GIFT CERTIFICATE for Charleston Restaurant Week

Charleston Restaurant Week fans we need your help! We need as many tips/recommendations you have on how to do Charleston Restaurant Week right! We are in the process of creating a Restaurant Week Guide and would love any feedback we can get.  Our deadline is Monday, August 6th so please hurry! Anyone who give us a tip/recommendation will be entered to win a Restaurant Week gift certificate! Also once we have picked the ones we would like to use for the guide we will contact you personally to make sure that the CRA has your consent to use the tip/recommendation and your name!

Thank you in advance for all the tips/recommendations we receive!

~Charleston Restaurant Association

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  1. My friends and I were planning on meeting in Charleston, Sep. 5-9, coming from Pittsburgh and Greenville, SC. I was so excited to hear that restaurant week is the same time! Our plan is to go to a different restaurant each night. I have even made some reservations on OpenTable in anticipation. I think the best advice is to plan early. You are most likely not going to get a reservation for a restaurant participating in restaurant week hours before, especially on a weekend and to the more popular restaurants. Make a plan and enjoy!

  2. I would suggest having a list of the restaurants that feature a vegetarian dish on their restaurant week menu for the vegetarians in the area. Or maybe even put a green mark next to their name to indicate they offer a veggie dish. That would be very helpful.

  3. To make the most of Charleston’s Restaurant Week, it’s important to do a little prep work before you dig in. First of all, peruse as many menus listed on the CRA website as you can. If you have EVER had any inkling of an interest to try one of Charleston’s unique restaurants but haven’t (for any reason- money, time, etc) this is the time to do it. Look at those menus and see what strikes your fancy or makes your belly rumble and make a decision. Another thing to remember is that most of the menus do not include drinks, so if you plan on drinking, be willing to spend the extra dough. In addition, sharing is caring and I always say “the more, the merrier” so go with a group of friends or family. That way, with a group, you can enjoy a good sampling of the entire menu. Also, know where you are going to park. Parking downtown is often limited, especially around CRW and you don’t want to be late to your reservation (that can be made easily online beforehand so there’s no excuse not to) because you were driving up and down one way streets to find parking. And lastly and most importantly, have fun and eat well!

  4. I think that the menus for restaurant week should be listed as early as possible so that people can make reservations. If possible, a month, or close to a month ahead of time would be good. This would also be beneficial to the tourists to plan their vacation dinners.

  5. I find that Restaurant Week in Charleston is a great opportunity to celebrate special occasions or just to say “Thank You” to Family, Friends, and Business Partners by treating them to one or several of the great restaurants featured during the week.

  6. We love restaurant week; it gives us an opportunity to try wonderful new places.

    My suggestion is that restaurants offer a vegetarian option. We have to rule out so many good choices when the vegetarian member of our family goes out with us.

  7. I would like to be able to use 3/$30 at select venues to include 2 entrees and 1 shared appetizer rather than just an appetizer, an entree, and a dessert. If some restaurants would present this as an option, that would be fantastic (and it’s a good excuse to bring a date)! I always love FUEL and would love to see them have a Restaurant Week deal. My favorite upscale restaurant is Circa 1886, and I see they are already on the list. Thanks!!

    • It is all up to the restaurants if they want to go through the Charleston Restaurant Association to participate or not, but we are continuing to receive new restaurants each installment of Restaurant Week!

  8. The best recommendation I can give for restaurant week is to make reservations. Make them early so that you can be sure to have a table at your favorite restaurant. The best place to do so is via OpenTable.com

    Also, use this as an opportunity to try restaurants that have always been in the back of your mind or that you have wanted to try but just “never got around to”. Best opportunity to get great food at great restaurants for a great price!

  9. I think it would be great to know a little about each restaurant participating. Also separate by price (3 for $30, 3 for $40, etc) and have either the menu for restaurant week itself or a sample menu. It would be nice to also separate by cuisine in case someone is looking for say seafood, or steakhouse specifically.
    It would be fun to do a collage of pictures from Charleston residents of different restaurants participating and use a single letter from the signs of each of the restuarants or at least the ones with the correct letters in their title to spell out Charleston Restuarant Week in a collage as well.

  10. My tips: Restaurant week is the perfect time to try Charleston’s array of fabulous restaurants for a fraction of the price! Take this opportunity to try dishes that you wouldn’t normally order. Most of the restaurants are putting out specialty dishes and trying to wow future patrons. Be adventurous and experiment with Charleston’s amazing cuisine! Check out individual menus to see what the restaurants will be offering. Be sure to make reservations early because spaces fill up very quickly!

  11. I think that all of the restaurants need to have a menu posted. Some have them and others don’t. I go to MUSC and we love to go out to dinner but are on loan money so we usually chose one place to go and that place is usually one with a 3 for 20 or 2 for 30 menu so that we know what we are to expect for the price.

  12. I’m not sure what kind of tips you’re looking for, but I have several.

    First, to patrons, take a friend. If you can’t decide on just one restaurant, pick two and take a friend. If you get overwhelmed by the amount of food, take a friend and share. This way you both get to try something new.

    Second, to the coordinators of Restaurant Week, it might be nice to offer some “samplers.” This way, if someone wants to try multiple items from the menu, they can. For example, 82 Queen offers Shrimp&Grits, Jumbalaya and Frogmore Stew. Maybe do a trio of southern favorites with a small ramekin of each. This way patrons can try multiple items.

  13. See if each restaurant, or at least 1 from each price bracket, will give the 1st ….oh….5 reservations a free glass of wine/champagne with their dinner.

  14. I think a Facebook page would give you better publicity.

    Also, I love that you ask for feedback on restaurant week, but I feel like it would be cool to hear an expert’s feedback during restaurant week. (i.e. have a food critic go to each of the restaurants each day, order off the restaurant week menu, and then blog about it).

    • Thank you, we have had a few bloggers and food critic’s do this plus even some media! Please follow us on Facebook at Charleston Food Festival and Events!

  15. Hello,
    I think that restaurant week is generally very well organized. Because of how much this week (now two weeks) has grown in recent years, my only suggestion would be to perhaps break up the restaurants in categories pertaining to their locations (i.e. Downtown, Mt. P, west ashley, john’s island, etc).
    Great work and looking forward to another fabulous week!

  16. Options are important , however; pictures are the key. I cant tell you how many times we look at a menu and read the description and wondered hmmmm, how does this look. We eat with our eyes first. So make sure the pics look delish!

  17. To make the most of restaurant week, I would suggest a couple methods for trying:

    Visit one of each price level. Just because it isn’t expensive, doesn’t mean it isn’t good!

    If you can’t normally afford the high dollar restaurants, now is your chance to try several. See which restaurants allow BYO-wine (with a corking fee), if you’re keeping your budget in mind.

    If a restaurant doesn’t have a menu posted, check their normal menu. It’ll give you a good idea of what to expect.

    Order something you wouldn’t normally and save room for dessert!

  18. I think there should be an opening event for restaurant week with samples from all the participating restaurants. I think this would help people pick the places they want to go the most. In addition, you might be able to plan reservations at the event.

  19. As menus are added to the website, it would be so nice if they could be marked NEW. Also, for those menus that change daily, a note on the web site would be appreciated. For those trying to plan their restaurant week destinations, definitely make reservations early and try as many new places as you can. Also, if you are out, don’t be afraid to just drop into a restaurant…Often times they have no shows and are happy to accommodate you. Also, the later it gets, the more tables that become available.

  20. Be adventurous!

    With such great prices on the best food in Charleston, don’t be afraid to try new restaurants and select the more daring choices on the prix fixe menu. It’s the perfect time of year to surprise your palate.

  21. With parking being a challenge, recommend the closest parking lot to the restaurant. It would be helpful for the street address for out-of-town diners.

  22. Check this page DAILY for updates on participating restaurants and if you check the menus as soon as they’re available, you can plan accordingly. I’m flying in from New Jersey (as I did for January’s Restaurant Week!) and my brother is coming in from Hawaii. We use this opportunity for the family to visit each other at my aunt’s place in Charleston–what better way to spend time together than enjoying great company, beautiful weather and outstanding food? LOVE Charleston’s RW!!!

  23. Pass the word around to family and friends that it’s “restaurant week” and ask who wants to go along with you to try new places and types of food. It’s a guarantee that you’ll be out every night!! with fun company!

    Saying “thank you” with a gift of a night out is also a splendid way to graciously show your gratitude for a kindness shown.

    Tip….check daily for new listings of participating restaurants so you can reserve your favorites as they become available!

  24. Make reservations for Husk, McCradys, and Halls at least a month in advance; menus will not be posted by then, but you can’t go wrong at those restaurants. Then, peruse all the menus and go with what excites you. If your mouth waters just reading the menu, chances are you’ll enjoy the meal. Get a group of friends to commit and make the reservation! At the least, visit a restaurant from each of the price categories.

  25. These are all great suggestions, and I agree that organizing the restaurants in a few different ways (type of food, location) is great.
    CRW is my very favorite time of year and since I use this time to try all the restaurants that I can’t usually afford to, it would be great to maybe have an incentive to try more than one? Maybe a gift card when you eat at 3 restaurants during that week? Just a thought.

    Joyce Martell

  26. I know it’s too late, but thought I’d chime in anyway…

    We usually make reservations early (preferably using Open Table so I can make them right online and transfer to Google Calendar seamlessly) after poring over the menus. We like to go out with several other couples, so it’s always fun to figure out where we want to try next as a group!

    I also pay attention to the CRA Facebook page because there are lots of opportunities to win gift certificates in the few weeks leading up to Restaurant Week. I also make sure to complete the survey afterwards to help the organizers make CRW even better.

  27. Would love to see a little logo next to local and/or sustainable menu items! I love the idea of eating something that is grown by one of our area farmers thus supporting local business and being a bit “green” as well. The fresh taste is a great benefit, too!

  28. My recommendation is to use Restaurant Week as an opportunity to have a new dining experience – try a new restaurant, or have a 3-course meal where you may otherwise have only purchased an entree. Make dinner an event by getting a group together and collectively trying an assortment of the many menu offerings.

  29. I would like to suggest that the restaurant, post it’s telephone number and reservation needed or not in the booklet published in the newspaper and everywhere else it is advertised for restaurant week. Some restaurants do not give out their telephone number on their web site nor in the telephone book.

    • Hi Barbara,
      Please check the very top of the menus for all restaurant details (address, numbers, website, etc). We would recommend making a reservation no matter what as the restaurants tend to be packed during this time! Some restaurants use Open Table others do not, but at the top of each restaurant menu you will find the number. Please let us know if you need any more help or specific restaurant numbers and we will get them for you.

      Thank you,

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